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Useful Links to All Areas of Psychology (Although I obviously cannot vouch for the accuracy of the contents of each site, these sites appear to be worth a look.)

   Advising Resources  An excellent collection of up-to-date articles from the Society for the Teaching of Psychology on topics like doctoral programs in psychology, careers in the helping professions, undergraduate preparation for the study of sports psychology, and more.

flag.gif (18371 bytes)  PsychCentral  A compilation of useful links to clinical psychology resources, oriented towards understanding and treatment of behavior disorders.

apamonitor.jpg (30663 bytes)   APA Monitor   Online, monthly, and free – keep up with new developments in all areas of psychology, current job listings, undergraduate and graduate resources, and much more from the American Psychological Association.

 psy21stcareers.jpg (20993 bytes)    21st Century Careers in Psychology  A very useful APA online brochure on psychology careers, job outlooks, employment statistics, and so on.

scicentr.gif (5166 bytes)     Science Central   Vast site with extensive links (directories, journals, reports, discussion groups, educational materials, etc.) to all of the sciences.  Also includes daily, general-interest science articles from newspapers, magazines, and TV, as well as selected articles from leading professional journals.  

apaonline.jpg (70536 bytes)     APA Student Website    All the wonderful resources of the American Psychological Association at your fingertips -- career and graduate school information, salary surveys, news, conferences, and much more....

  Links to Other Psychology Departments  Exactly what it sounds like, maintained by Dr. Krantz of Hanover College.

 psycref.jpg (21304 bytes)     Psychology Reference Guide   Assembled by Dr. Michael Fenichel.

psychweb.gif (1830 bytes) PsychWeb  Large collection of psychology-related links.

allthetests.gif (969 bytes)    Want to try an online psychological test?  IQ, career, personality, Kaplan SAT and GRE practice tests, etc.--a few have psychometric properties; most are just fun.

queendom.gif (2281 bytes)   Probably the largest collection of online tests (IQ, personality, health, etc. etc.) available.  The site clearly distinguishes those tests for which there is useful psychometric information.  

mindtool.gif (4829 bytes)    Mnemonics and Memory Techniques   Also, tools for improving information acquisition and reading skills.

illusion.jpg (5527 bytes)     Illusionworks   Excellent collection of optical and sensory illusions, interactive demonstrations, scientific explanations, illusion artwork, puzzles, 3D graphics, bibliographies, perception links, and much more. 

smilypsi.jpg (7367 bytes)    The Lighter Side of Psychology    "...selected by the Los Angeles Times as one of the Internet's best humor sites, along with Dilbert, Letterman, and Dave Barry!"  Judge for yourself....

Last revised on August 25, 2011

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