Advising Resources for Psychology Majors


The Psychology Department has recently revised all of its advising materials and made them available on the departmental web page. I strongly encourage you to use these resources. In fact, I have deleted all of the academic advising resources and links previously posted on this page because the advising resources posted on the departmental web page are more up-to-date and complete.

If you want to print forms for declaring a major or minor, read information about General Education and Psychology major academic requirements, download planning sheets for your undergraduate academic work, follow links to valuable resources relating to graduate study in psychology, volunteer work, and careers in psychology, and much more, then travel to the Psychology Department's Advising Web Site

Non-Academic Advice

Outdoor Adventures   Need a break from studies?  Check out this CofC listing from Campus Recreation Services.

More Fun Things to Do in the Great South Carolina Outdoors    This will link you to a great page of outdoors links, which will link you to more links, ad infinitum....

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